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What is LaPsE?

LaPsE is a LaTeX-Editor for the Eclipse IDE.

Why integrating LaTeX into Eclipse?

The LaTeX framework gets you from the source files, the .tex files you write, to the result - which might be a PDF- or DVI-document, a Webpage or any other supported document output format. This cycle is quite similar to developing software: there you also have source files and a system that produces binaries (or bytecode ;). Therefore it is possible to map virtually any feature you use to develop software on a LaTeX editor. To do this for Eclipse is the goal of the LaPsE editor.

Which features will LaPsE offer?

LaPsE does:
  • Compile your .tex files on save
  • Open MiKTeX viewer for preview
  • Support Eclipse-like code completion
None of the features above is implemented yet. LaPsE is currently in planning state.

How can I stay in touch?

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Project page

The Eclipse LaTeX project page is located here.


LaPsE is released under the GNU Pulic License. Logo